The main differences are in the composition and in the price.
Zeolite of natural origin, environmentally friendly material. Silica gel is produced chemically.
The price of zeolite is much lower than the price of KSMG silica gel. Given that the absorption properties of activated zeolite exceed the absorption properties of silica gel KSMG GOST 3956-76. This is verified experimentally. We are ready to provide you with AC samples so that you can see for yourself.
В России исторически сложилось так, что в качестве осушителя для влагопоглотителей используют силикагель КСМГ ГОСТ 3956-76, так как он прописан в ВЗ-10, ГОСТ 9.014-78 «Единая система защиты от коррозии и старения» (ВРЕМЕННАЯ ПРОТИВОКОРРОЗИОННАЯ ЗАЩИТА ИЗДЕЛИЙ).
In America and Europe, activated zeolite is mainly used, since they are guided by the requirements of the German standard DIN 55473 or the American standard MIL-D-3716.
These standards are not required to use a specific sorbent as a desiccant. They regulate how much moisture the sorbent should absorb at a certain temperature, pressure and relative humidity, for a period of time, and the weight of the sorbent