Dehumidifiers TM AC

    9450,00 RUR per box

    Desiccant sorbent

    Activated zeolite TC-20.59.59-001-06241851-2018

    Sheath material

    Specially selected blue cotton fabric


    Can be applied at the request of the customer

    Delivery packing

    Sealed plastic bag packed in a corrugated box


    The activated zeolite is packed in a fabric bag. Has a seam in the middle to evenly distribute the zeolite inside the desiccant bag. Has an eyelet for ease of use.

    Prices for dryers TM AC, rub. VAT included

    Dryer weight, g Unit price, rub
    30 63
    50 70
    100 85
    150 90
    200 99
    250 107
    500 155
    1000 215