Silica gel indicator GOST 8984-75

    24920 RUR per box


    When making a silica gel-indicator, a small amount of color indicators of moisture are added to it, which are substances that change their color when the degree of hydration changes. Typically, divalent cobalt salts such as cobalt chloride are used as such a substance. In a dehydrated state, this salt has a dark blue color, when hydrated it changes color to light pink.

    Цены силикагель-индикатор ГОСТ 8984-75, руб. с НДС

    Name Weight from, kg Price per kg, rub Quantity in a bag, kg Price per bag, rub
    Silica gel indicator GOST 8984-75 20 1,246 20 24920,00

    Технические характеристики

    Options Specifications
    Grain color Blue to light blue
    Mass fraction of grains 1.0-7.0 mm in size,%, not less 96
    Moisture capacity of silica-indicator,%, not less, at 20 ° С and relative humidity,%: