Silica gel KSMG GOST 3956-76

    10682 RUR per box


    KSMG - large fine-porous granular silica gel,
    Silica gel is glassy transparent or glassy opaque grains of oval, spherical or irregular shape, color - from colorless to dark with black inclusions, representing a dried silica gel of a porous structure with a highly developed inner surface.

    The main application of silica gel is found in drying air, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine and other industrial gases. Silica gel also serves as a desiccant during the conservation of equipment to protect it from corrosion, according to GOST 9.014-78 "Unified system of protection against corrosion and aging".

    Цены силикагель КСМГ ГОСТ 3956-76, руб. с НДС

    Name Weight from, kg Price per kg, rub Quantity in a bag, kg Price per bag, rub
    Silica gel KSMG 35 305,2 35 10682,00