Dryers for shoes DRY BOOTS

    220 RUR per box

    Does not require electricity

    You can dry your shoes anywhere, anytime. No need to worry about outlets or batteries


    Using DRYBOOTS to dry your shoes, reduces the growth of fungi and bacteria in your shoes.

    Drying speed

    Dry running shoes in 4-6 hours and ski boots overnight

    Term of use

    Dryers DRYBOOTS reusable. Moisture-absorbing properties must be restored every 7 days


    Dry shoes anywhere, anytime, do not require electricity to dry your shoes. They do not dry by generating heat like electric dryers and therefore do not deform shoes. Suitable for drying even leather shoes.

    DRY BOOTS shoe dryers prices, rub. VAT included

    Name Вес, г. Price per set, rub.
    Dryers for shoes DRY BOOTS 220 220

    Instructions for use

    Just put DRYBOOTS inside your shoes. Leave the dryers in your shoes, and they will carefully, efficiently and quickly absorb all the moisture. When dryers become less efficient they should be dried.